This page reports the list of delierables. Deliverable are available on request.

The source code of the tools is also available:

CoPMod (Collaborative Process Modeling)

CoSMos (Scheduling and Monitoring of Construction Processes)


D1 –
Project Management
Here we report on the activities and the tools that we used for managing, controlling and collaborating within the project
D2 –
Here we list all dissemination activities, scientific publications and presentations
D3 –
Industry Engagement
Where we report about the practice of use in the companies and their requirements concerning effective process management
D4.1_5.1_6.1 –
Use cases
Here we describe the use cases selected for the project among those proposed by the companies
D4.2 –
Modeling Framework and Methodology
In this deliverable about the modeling we report on the overall framework and the developed methodology
D4.3 –
Modeling Software Demonstrator
Here we report on CoPMod, the prototype developed for supporting the Collaborative Modelling of Construction Processes
D4.4 –
Demonstrator (code)
Where to find and how to rune the CoPMod demonstrator
D5.2 –
Scheduling Methodology
Description of the scheduling methodology
D5.3 –
Scheduling Demonstrators
Report on the demonstrators developed to support the inter- and intra-company scheduling of construction processes
D5.4 –
Scheduling Demonstrators (code)
Where to find and how to run the scheduling demonstrators
D6.2 –
Monitoring Methodology
Description of the methodology for the monitoring of construction processes
D6.3 –
Monitoring Demonstrators
The deliverable reports on the demonstrators developed for daily and weekly monitoring, as well as the description of a mobile app for the monitoring and KPIs for process analysis
D6.4 –
Monitoring Demonstrators (code)
Where to find and how to run the monitoring demonstrators
D7.1_7.2 –
Report on the validation of the COCkPiT approach by means of a reference project discussed with the companies